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New Zealand is renowned worldwide for its Covid-19 response. What is less well-known beyond our borders is the national mental health crisis. He Ara Oranga: Report of the Government Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction recommended transformative action was needed to support better mental health and wellbeing for all. The government has since invested $1.9 billion into mental wellbeing. To build on the 12-18 month Covid-19 Psychosocial and Mental Wellbeing Recover Plan (Kia Kaha), Ministry of Health has been consulting on a long-term pathway. Te Ora Auaha steering group member, Lucy D’aeth, Public Health Specialist, led the development of a submission to this consultation from ToA. The submission was one of 132 received by the Ministry of Health and we look forward to seeing the response in due course.


See the full submission here: Submission_on_He_Ara_Oranga_Mental_health_pathway_March_2021


Submission to mental health and wellbeing long term pathway consultation


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