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Here you’ll find links to a wealth of resources supporting good practice, including toolkits, publications, online evidence and research, and national and international examples of good practice. Please let us know about other research and resources you would like to see here.



Curated articles and resources from our trusted arts and wellbeing community


1. Creativity amid chaos; The Big Idea

Artists around the world take motivation from the biggest issue on the planet. 

2. Adopting to the new normal for artists; Creative Waikato

Creative Waikato provides artists hacks to adapt to the changing and challenging environment. 

3. The Social Distancing Festival

A site to connect and celebrate art from all around the world with a variety of live-stream events and performances.

4. An arts-based approach to student resilience; Peter O'Connor, Teacher Magazine

In these uncertain times, teachers can support students with arts-based approaches to build resilience.

5. How to deal with COVID-19 mental health issues; The Big Idea

Art industry and psychologist insight into the most challenging time of many careers.

6. The essential role of creative spaces during the pandemic; Jenny Hutchings, Arts Access Aotearoa

Creative spaces in the time of COVID.

7. Aotearoa Arts and Events during the COVID-19 Crisis

An artist-led Facebook page for the New Zealand Arts community 

8. Creative New Zealand support for artists

Continual updates from Creative New Zealand 

9. Real-time resilience webinars; New Zealand Institute of Wellbeing and Resilience 

Coping during COVID-19 with Dr Denise Quinlan and Dr Lucy Hone 

10. Creative thinking isn't cancelled; Peter O'Connor, Newsroom

Creative thinking must remain a vital tool for people to survive the crisis. 



What are community arts? Creative New Zealand's Community Arts Toolkit includes videos of New Zealanders sharing their experiences and what they've learned. There are also tipsheets, tools and examples of successful projects and events to get you inspired. For more


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