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Key books 

Here's a list of some key books relevant to the arts, health and wellbeing. They are available online or through the publisher. Let us know if would like other books added to this list.

The Art and Health Partnership

Eames, P. 1999. The Art and Health Partnership. New Zealand. Arts Access Aotearoa.

Mixit: It’s all of us

 Preston, W. 2018. Mixit. It’s all of us. Mixit Charitable Trust. Auckland: New Zealand.

Oxford Textbook of Creative Arts, Health, and Wellbeing

Clift, S., Camic, P. (2016). Oxford Textbook of Creative Arts, Health, and Wellbeing. International perspectives on practice, policy and research. Oxford University Press.


The Oxford Handbook of Dance and Wellbeing

Karkou, O., Oliver, S., Lycouris, S., (Eds.) (2017). The Oxford Handbook of Dance and Wellbeing. Oxford University Press.

Arts therapies

Levine, S. and E. (eds.) (2011).  Arts therapies: Art in action; Expressive arts therapy and social change. Jessica Kingsley Publishers.


Applied Theatre: Performing health and wellbeing

Low, K., Baxter, V. (2017).  (Eds.) Applied Theatre: Performing health and wellbeing. Methuen Drama.


Music, Health and Wellbeing

MacDonald, R., Kreutz, G., Mitchell, L. (2013). Music, Health and Wellbeing. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 


The arts and youth at risk

O’Brien, A., & Donelan, K. (2008). The arts and youth at risk: global and local challenges. Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.


The Possibilities of Creativity

O’Connor, P. (Ed.) (2016). The Possibilities of Creativity. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.


Applied theatre: Applied social work in New Zealand

O’Connor, P. (2014). Applied theatre: Applied social work in New Zealand. In W. H. Chiu (Ed.), School social work: Current practice and research (pp. 77-91). Hauppauge, New York, USA: Nova Science.


Arts in Health

Daisy Fancourt. 2017. Arts in Health. Designing and researching interventions. Oxford University Press.  Link 


A Restless Art

Francois Matarasso. 2019. A Restless Art. How participation won and why it matters.  Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, UK. Buy or download 

























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