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Advocating for the importance of the arts (in all their many forms) matters now, more than ever, as the complex, far-reaching and potentially long-lasting effects of the Covid-19 pandemic unfold.

It matters now, more than ever, as access to participate in the arts, as well as the capacity of the arts to contribute to wellbeing, continues to be undermined by inadequate, uncertain and unsuitable funding/resourcing.

It matters now, more than ever, as we take responsibility for acting on evidence for how the arts are implicated in structural and systemic racism, but can also be a powerful way to challenge and dismantle it.

It matters now, more than ever, as we see lives, cultures and livelihoods irrevocably changed by the effects of climate change and environmental damage.

It matters now, more than ever, as we see Aotearoa New Zealand ranked 4th worst for child well-being in the latest Unicef report.

Advocating for the importance of the arts (in their many forms) to our wellbeing matters now, more than ever, as we lead up to the general election and decide which party is most likely to do anything about these problems? We invite you to join us in asking the following questions, or your versions of them, to your electoral candidates:

  1. What actions will your government be taking to uphold Article 27 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; to ensure equitable access to participation in the arts and culture for all members of our society?

  2. Given how vitally important the arts were in the earthquake recovery in Christchurch, and the extraordinary creative responses we have experienced in response to lockdown and the pandemic situation in general, how do you think we can give greater value to the role of the arts in the COVID-19 recovery process?

  3. It is becoming increasingly evident that participation in the arts is a lifeline for many of our tamariki, rangatahi and wider communities. How are you going to ensure sustainable resourcing/funding for groups and organisations offering a creative lifeline to our young people and most vulnerable communities?

We hope that the projects, news and resources profiled in this Te Ora Auaha newsletter help fuel your interest in or passion for the arts and the difference they can make to health and wellbeing, and show why they matter, now, more than ever.


Now, more than ever


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