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One-day workshop: Body memory and the unconscious 

Dance Movement Therapy Association of Australasia at The University of Auckland


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About the workshop:

This professional development workshop from Dance Movement Therapy Association of Australasia addressed the ways in which our bodies remember feelings and events even when our conscious minds do not; these body memories may manifest in bodily symptoms, eating disorders, anxiety or injuries. They can be explored and worked through, using the principles of movement metaphor and the creative cycle, both inherent in the practice of Dance Movement Psychotherapy as articulated by Bonnie in her book Dance Movement Therapy: A creative psychotherapeutic approach.

The program includes movement improvisations in which participants will be invited to remember both positive and less positive experiences of themselves. Whilst people are encouraged to work with only positive and mildly unpleasant memories, it is important that participants have sufficient resilience, and support outside of the workshop.

Learning objectives:


  • Learned how to conduct a short client assessment to elicit positive body memories
  • Understood the topic through consideration of case study material
  • Explored their own experiences of body memory, through movement improvisation
  • Considered how this approach might influence their own practice


Download Flyer here.


Body memory and the unconscious


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